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Secretary & Board Member - Duane Harvey - - Austin, Texas, USA
Executive Summary -
Medical Humanitarian Project
Great Potential and Huge - ROI:
World Wide Retinal Imaging, (DBA)
"This medical project can help improve and extend life,
plus reduce misery by early detection."
Medical Imaging Lab Services:
(A World Wide Humanitarian Medical Project)
Medical and Pharmacology Fields
All Medical Fields are Demanding Newer and More Advanced Imaging Tools -
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Topic-01: - Presentation of Medical Imaging Project:
Topic-02: - Project Description and Location:
Topic-03: - Marketing:
Topic-04: - Potential Competition:
Topic-05: - Staffing / Consultants:
Topic-06: - Breakdown of Main Project Cost: $250M USD
Topic-07: - Type - VC, Equity, Loan, Loan Amount, Loan Period:
Topic-08: - Availability of Equity for Equity Funding:
Topic-09: - Security / Guarantees / Guarantor / Collateral Offered:
Topic-10: - Business Plan and Pro Forma:
"This Great Medical Project Will Improve
and Extend A Better Quality of Life,
Plus Reduce Misery by Early Detection
or Can Help Make Improvements to Life."
The Best way to contact me, is by E-mail

Duane Harvey - 512-260-0001 near North-West of Austin, Texas, USA

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